Rhetoric on the Town (Alignment)

Creative Commons image.


Rhetorical Analysis: The audience for this advertisement is people who like Nike products and people who live on the edge (young people). The purpose of this advertisement is to promote Nike (all products by Nike). I know the audience for this advertisement because of the words Just Do It and most of the time young people do not think they JUST DO IT. Also, I know the purpose is to get people to buy Nike products because of the checkmark logo that Nike uses on all their products. After reading this advertisement the viewer would most likely buy the product(s).   

Design Element Analysis: The words in this image are perfectly aligned and the first thing that your eyes are drawn to is the pink Nike sign (Contrast). The words in glass tell me that this advertisement is made for people who aren’t scared to live life to the fullest. Also, the fact that the words JUST DO IT is all in capital letters makes a person think. For example, if a person wanted to buy a pair of Nike shoes and they couldn’t decide if they wanted to get the expensive shoes that they like or the less expensive shoes they really don’t like the words JUST DO IT may make a person think twice.  

Rhetoric on the Town (Contrast)

 Creative Commons licensed image.


Rhetorical Analysis: The purpose of this advertisement is to get people to purchase Oreo cookies and milk as well and the audience would be people who love or like cookies and milk together. I know the audience is cookie and milk lovers because the milk is positioned right beside the cookies (hardly any space in between the two items). The intended audience in this advertisement is most likely young children because most children eat cookies and milk together. This image is promoting the viewer to try milk’s favorite cookie which is Oreo’s.

Design Element Analysis: This advertisement is advertising Oreo cookies and therefore the emphasis is on the word Oreo. Also, if you look at the blue around the Oreo Milk’s Favorite Cookie it almost looks like the cookies and milk are pushed back slightly to draw the audience’s attention to the Oreo logo (contrast). The word Oreo seems to be pointing to the cookies and milk and the way it is positioned tells me that cookies and milk may be slightly pushed back in this image (flow). The background which is showing contrast does work rhetorically with the image because since the background on one side is blue and the other white the blue side (text) seems to be pushed out more and therefore showing the viewer what the purpose of the ad is.


Project 2 What I Want to Do……

Audio wise I want to add a voice saying “Excuse me miss what is digital writing?”. After that I then will explain to the man what my definition of digital writing really is. I will be using Windows Movie Maker to do my video because it seems to be easy to use and then uploading my video recording to Youtube. I also want to put….. Huh? What is digital writing!? (for my text) in the image that I picked.

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Rhetoric on the Town (Balance)

Photo taken by: Dewanta Smith

Rhetorical Analysis: The audience for this advertisement is parents or people who know someone        with a baby that can use this product. The purpose of this advertisement is to sell this product in bundles (the shampoo, body wash, body lotion and diaper rash cream) so the customer will get more. I know the purpose and the audience because of the title on top which is Johnson’s baby essentials (purpose) and the mother on the diaper rash cream is holding the baby closely (audience). The intended audience is mothers because of the mother holding the baby on the diaper rash cream. The image is prompting the reader to buy these baby essentials products in a bundle because you get more for your money and buy them now because it’s only available for a limited time.

Design Element Analysis: The image is showing repetition (bottles) and the color blue. This image also shows balance and alignment because three big bottles are in between the two smaller items and the smaller items are similar in color. Also, if you look left to right it seems like if a person was to buy these products the end result will be like the baby on the diaper rash cream (baby sleeping peacefully). Another thing is that the lightest bottle is in the center which seems to be pointing to Johnson’s baby essentials.

Digital Writing Audio Text Post

What is digital writing? Digital writing is a way of communication using some type of digital device like a computer or a cell phone. Some places where digital writing takes place are on social networks like Facebook, Friendster or Twitter also things like communication through email or writing a paper for a particular course are good examples of digital writing.

Two images for project 2

Creative Commons photo

I would crop the photo a bit and make the background a little darker to bring viewers attention to the computer.


Creative Commons image

I would like to add some text in this image dealing with digital writing.


I want to add text because I have never did it before. I have edited photos on Facebook, Myspace and even twitter. I would go with photoshop to edit my image.

Chapter 8 Images Notes

Images Add Impact


Image of different flowers indicating that an image impacts a page

Ancient Chinese said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And with all the information out here it is best to just see an image sometimes.

If you pick an image and it doesn’t connect with the content in page it confuses the readers.

Photographs seems more real than illustrations

The right photo puts across a lot of information in small space



Photo of flower.

Photos can inform, convince and evoke emotion.

Photos may be more creditable because some feel the camera doesn’t lie

Choose photos based on criteria

  • Is the photo of good quality
  • Does photo communicate message you want
  • Is it available for use at reasonable price
  • Choose photo with wide range of tones
  • The advantage of flopping is that you can you the image to point towards the text

Photo shops do things like:

Lighting images, outline edges of photo, adding custom type to photos adding color to photos


Example of an illustration.


  • Illustrations can be used to tell or get the whole story
  • They can be maps, diagrams, charts or cartoons
  • Some likely sources of illustration are yourself, armed with paper, pen/pencil

A talented local kid who is easily bribed by pizza

Professional illustrators

Clip art books of CDs

Rules of Image Use

Licensed Creative Commons Image

  • Don’t jam illustrations together
  • Add a variety and contrast to the page by varying the size of images
  • Try to pick illustrations that look like they belong together
  • Use appropriate images for the page

Key Terms

Cropping- Removal of some of the vertical or horizontal edges of picture

Flopping- Change direction of photo from one side to the other

Silhouetted photos- Potions that are selectively remove


Works Cited

Graham, Lisa. Basis of Design. Canada.2005. Print




Rhetoric on the Town *(Repetition)

This is a creative commons image

Rhetorical Analysis: The purpose of this article to make fun of Apple users. The audience of this particular image would be females and Apple users as well. I can tell that the audience is females and Apple users because number one the image is pink (females) and the pig is in the center of the image saying that Apple users are pigs meaning they are greedy, lazy and they have to have everything (Apple products that come out).

Design Analysis: The image defiantly has repetition in it. The color of the boarder on top brings out the pink color of the pig and the repetition is the color pink. Also, there are three things in this advertisement that signal the reader to purchase the iPod. One is the Apple logo on the bottom of the image, the second is the logo at the top and third is the Ipod itself. The two Apple logos are great examples of repetition. Also the pig seems to be looking directly at the Apple logo in the corner and this is called flow. The CD at the rear end of the pig tells me that CD’s are basically crap and iPods do everything that a CD can and more.

Rhetoric on the Town

Purpose and Audience

  • The purpose of this advertisement is to inform people about how they can be a rock star just by making a music video. The text MUSIC VIDEO emphasis and tells what the purpose of the advertisement is.
  • The picture looks to have a young audience. (No close up so can’t really tell if it’s a diverse group of people)
  • The emphasis in the picture itself is the person in the middle (YOU can become a rockstar)
  • Also the photo tells me that if I was to make a music video I would be well known because the person in this image is in the center and all eyes are on him.
  • The audience may be people who are rockstars/musicians


The Individual Reflection

Working Time on Wiki



Tuesday September 11th work on Wiki for like 25-35 minutes in class with partner.

Saturday September 15th worked on Wiki for 45 minutes at home. (Parents and Digital Writing Post)

Saturday September 15th worked on Wiki again 1 hour. (Participatory gap post)

Monday September 17th worked on Wiki for 30 minutes (Collaborative post) and worked on (Performance post) for one minute.

Wednesday September 19th worked on Wiki for 25 mins (Definitions post) and (Digital Writing post) for two minutes.

Thursday September 27th worked on wiki for about an hour and two minutes (Bolter post) added images and few content.



I was most proud of the fact that I have a better understanding about how to do a wiki page and do stuff like adding images, hyperlinking and adding video to the page as well. One contribution of the wiki that I am proud of is that I kept most of the information on the page from a previous classmate of mines and added content to help readers better understand the material. I wish I had time to further include in the wiki all my classmates opinions about all the wiki pages. I got stuck on the wiki when I first tried to go into the wiki and add content. Also, what I did to overcome the issue is that I contacted the professor and she gave me suggestions on what I should try to do. I learned that though it was tough working collaborative with others that are more experienced in digital writing that I am it’s alright to ask any type of question and I shouldn’t feel embarrassed if I am confused about something. I want to work on understanding the material more and discussing it with my classmates. One outcome I worked on for the wiki is the images on the page. Another course outcome I did is add some content to the wiki to help better understand the material. I also put hyperlinks in the page. Lastly, I followed the CRAP principles in the page as well.